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Austin Healey 100 Le Mans

Austin Healey 100 M Le Mans Kit
Austin Healey 100 M Le Mans

Austin Healey 100 M Le Mans start

The Austin Healey 100 M "Le Mans" "factory-built" sports cars were produced between September 5, 1955 and July 16, 1956. According to factory records discovered in July of 1985, only 640 of these 100 M cars were made. This figure is based on the factory build cards, which called for a louvered bonnet. This factory produced series was designated the M model by Donald Healey.
Austin Healey 100 M Le Mans and  Mika-Sakari Komu

The birth of a legend! Sensational launch of the Healey 100 at the Earls Court Motor Show. Austin's Leonard Lord concludes manufacturing agreement with Donald Healey. The car is re-named the Austin Healey 100 type BN1.

While Austin's Longbridge factory is being prepared for production of the Austin Healey 100, work begins at Healey's Cape Works, Warwick, building the first BN1 models for motor shows in New York, Los Angeles and Frankfurt. A fourth car is prepared for a sales promotion tour of the U.S.The Austin Healey 100 wins the Grand Premium Award at Miami's World Fair and is acclaimed the International Motor Show Car of 1953 at New York.A standard production car is taken to Utah Salt Flats and records an average 103.94 mph in a 5000 kilometre endurance run.By the summer, production at Longbridge tops 100 cars per week.

Donald Healey achieves almost 193 mph over a flying kilometre in a 224 bhp supercharged streamlined 100, while Carroll Shelby goes on to break sixteen U.S. and international speed records at averages of nearly 160 mph.Record and race achievements result in the development of the famous 100S model, the `S' standing for Sebring. Only 50 cars are made.

Production of the BN2 model commences in August but is not launched until the Motor Show in October. Changes include a new gearbox.During the period January 1953 to August 1955, approximately 10,000 BN1s are sold.

Production of the 100 BN2 ceases in August, after just one year in which 4600 had been made. Total production of Austin Healey 100 models is 14,600 in a little over three years.Less than 10 per cent are made right-hand drive and only 3.5 per cent are 'home market' cars, making original UK registered models very rare indeed.Production of 100/6 models begins in August of this year.

Austin Healey 100 M  Le Mans

 Cars converted later with Le Mans equipment are referred to "Le Mans" modified cars. They are not properly called 100 M cars as this was the name for just the limited production run of 640 cars. An additional several hundred (about 500) "Le Mans" Conversion Kits were sold to Austin-Healey dealers or car owners for conversion of standard 100 Austin Healey sports cars to "Le Mans" specification

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