lauantai 30. kesäkuuta 2012

Jaguar Mark 7 M 1955 Pekka Valtonen

Pekka Valtonen Jaguar Mark 7 M  1955
 Suur-Saimaan Ympäriajo 30.6 – 1.7.2012

The Mark VII/VIII/IX replaced the previous Mark V models (there was no Mark VI, as that model name was used by Bentley) beginning in 1951 and hung on until they were replaced by the longer/lower/wider Mark X in 1961. Though a large car, the Mark VII was raced extensively and successfully. It was the touring car racer of choice back in the day, having been raced by, among others, Stirling Moss and later F1 champion Mike Hawthorne, and a Mark VIII won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1956. The Mark VII was also the first Jaguar to be offered with an optional automatic transmission.

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