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Austin A 40 Somerseth Saloon 1952

Teuvo Suominen Austin A 40 Somerseth Saloon 1952
  Suur-Saimaan Ympäriajo 30.6 – 1.7.2012

 Austin A40 Somerset Model GS4 Saloon was introduced in February 1952. Virtually a scaled-down version of the A70 Hereford this model is mechanically similar to the preceding A40 Devon (1948-52), but with various detail improvements including a slight increase in bhp (42 v. 40) from the 1200-cc engine. The new body styling is well planned with wider rear doors giving better access to rear seats, more passenger space and better soundproofing.

Austin A 40 Somerseth Saloon 1952
 Austin A40 Somerset Model GD5 Drophead Coupe joined the saloon in August 1952. It have similar dimensions to the saloon except that the overall height is slightly less. The top could be used in three positions, i.e. fully raised, 'coupe de ville' or stowed behind the rear seat. The rear quarter windows could be swivelled down into the body sides. The top is operated manually on this model, although power operation is available at extra cost. 
Engine 1200cc OHV ‘B’ series

1200 cc 42 bhp at 4,500 rpm Max torque 58lbs/ft at 2,400 rpm
Length 13ft 3.5ins Width 5ft 3ins Height 5ft 4ins
Wheelbase 7ft 8.5ins Track front 4ft 0.1ins rear 4ft 2ins
Price ex Works
April 1952 £727 Nov 1953 £637

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