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Chrysler 1963

Chrysler 1963
 New Yorkers were certainly less impressive in these years, demoted from the usual 126-inch wheelbase to the 122-inch junior span to reduce tooling costs at a cash-short time in Chrysler's up-and-down history. Still, the more tailored Virgil Exner styling (one of his final jobs for Chrysler) was at least tasteful if not timeless, and New Yorkers wore it well, announced by unique split grilles both years.The Salon was basically a luxury package for the regular New Yorker hardtop sedan comprising a premium interior with a reclining front passenger's seat, landau-style black-vinyl roof cover, and most every convenience in Chrysler's book -- hence its advertised boast as "the world's most complete car." But at $5,860 it cost as much as some Imperials, which limited demand and caused Chrysler to abandon the idea after just two years. 

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