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Cisitalia 202 MM Nuvolari Spider

Cisitalia 202 MM Nuvolari Spider
 The first was 3rd September, 1946 when a trio of 1,100cc D46 monoposti swept the field in the first race in Italy after the end of World War II, the Coppa Brezzi in Turin.It helped that Tazio Nuvolari had started the race in another of the Cisitalias and easily led the opening laps before the steering wheel came off in a famous incident that did nothing to diminish the reputations of either the Flying Mantuan or Cisitalia.The second was 21st June, 1947, the first post-war Mille Miglia, when Nuvolari, so sick no one gave much thought to his prospects, had the 2-seat version of the D46, the 202 Spider, eight minutes ahead of all the competition at the halfway point in Rome. His advantage was erased when it took twenty minutes to dry out the ignition system after encountering drenching rain on the Turin-Milan autostrada but Nuvolari still finished second – just sixteen minutes behind Biondetti’s Alfa Two-Nine. Cisitalias driven by Bernabei and Minetti were next, beating a phalanx of new, highly developed, 1,100cc Fiat coupés.The Garelli- Stabilimenti Farina spider that Nuvolari drove in this epic performance was based on a tube frame chassis, one of the first of its kind. Independent front suspension was derived from the ubiquitous Fiat 500 with a transverse leaf spring upper link and telescopic shock dampers. The live axle rear suspension originally employed coil springs but was refined during development to use semi-elliptical leaf springs and four telescopic dampers.Power came from a highly developed 1,089cc four-cylinder engine that produced 50 to 65 brake horsepower depending upon the buyer’s desired stage of tune. It was based on the standard Fiat 1,100cc block but virtually every other part was specially built and machined in Cisitalia’s large and fully-equipped machine shop. It had dry sump lubrication not only for reliability but also to lower the engine in the chassis to drop the centre of gravity and lower the bonnet line.

Kuka muistaa hienon, italialaisen urheiluautomerkin, Cisitalian? 

Torinon taideteollisen korkeakoulun (IED) oppilaat ovat ideoineet uusiksi legendaarisen, italialaisen Cisitalia 202 -urheiluauton, jonka päältä vedettiin flyygelipeitto Genèven autonäyttelyssä.Koriräätäli Pininfarina piirsi alkuperäisen korin piensarjoja valmisteneelle Cisitalia-merkille. Cisitalia 202 -urheiluautoja valmistettiin vuosina 1947–52 yhteensä 170 kappaletta.Alkuperäisestä Fiat-moottorista saatiin vaatimattomat 55 hevosvoimaa.

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