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Jaguar Mk 1 1957 Kalevi Putkonen

Kalevi Putkonen Jaguar Mk 1 1957
  Morsen Jaguar on eri tyyppiä, se on Mark 2, BBC uutinen on tässä, että havaitsemme kuinka paljon auton hinta nousee, jos se on ollut suositussa elokuvassa tai TV-sarjassa.

Morse Jaguar makes over £100,000 
The burgundy Mark II Jaguar used on TV's Inspector Morse series has been sold for more than £100,000.The 1960 car, made famous by the late John Thaw as the crossword, opera and real ale-loving Oxford detective, was snapped up by a UK-based businessman.The Jaguar was sold in a sealed bid tender by the liquidators of a firm that had previously owned it.Asset managers Walker Singleton said the car "fully realised" its estimate but did not disclose the exact price.Howard Eastwood, who handled the sale, described the interest in the car as "extraordinary, reflective of the high affection and recognition the car has, not just in the UK, but around the world".Restoration The 2.4 litre car, which has a top speed of 120mph and 79,460 miles on the clock, has been described as "the most recognisable Mark II Jaguar in the world".

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