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Austin Healey 100 Le Mans

Austin Healey 100 Le Mans 1955
 Suur-Saimaan Ympäriajo 30.6 – 1.7.2012.

Austin-Healey 100 Sports. This 2.6-litre engined, sleek, low-contoured sports two-seater is continued from 1954 with no material changes to the standard model specification. In October 1954, however, a modified version for sports-car racing was evolved, namely the 100S. Apart from the basic body and chassis structure it is virtually a new car, recognizable by its wide shallow oval grille, shallow frameless curved Perspex windscreen and aluminium alloy body panelling. The much-modified power unit give it a power output of 132 bhp at 4700 rpm. A supercharged development of the 100S, driven by Donald Healey, reached 192.6 mph at the Utah Salt Flats in the United States.
In October 1955 the 100M featured a LeMans engine modification kit.
Austin Healey - MG - Castrol

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