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Panhard 24

Panhard 24
 Produced between 1964 and 1967, the Panhard 24 can be seen as the swan song of Panhard automobile production. Since 1967 the Panhard business has concentrated on manufacturing light military vehicles.The Panhard 24 was a compact two-door coupé with a strikingly modern body, powered by a front-mounted air-cooled two-cylinder boxer motor: the basic design of this unconventional engine dated back to the 1940s. In 1965 a lengthened Panhard 24 was launched and promoted as a two-door four- or five-seat saloon. Plans for a four-door version which might have enabled the car more effectively to replace the commercially successful Panhard PL 17 saloon were never implemented, however.Although the 24 had no Panhard badged successor, a number of the features of the Citroën GS which appeared (after an unusually long gestation period) in 1970 respected Panhard traditions.

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