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Ford Standard 2D Sedan 1939 Pentti Montonen

Pentti Montonen Ford Standard 2D Sedan 1939
 Kuva : Suur-Saimaan Ympäriajo 30.6 – 1.7.2012


IMPORTANT new features distinguish the Ford V-8 and De Luxe Ford V-8 for 1939. They differ in appearance. but the brilliant streamlined beauty of both is inspired by the Lincoln-Zephyr-acknowledged style leader among modern motor cars.
Both are big, roomy cars, engineered for new quiet and comfort. equipped with hydraulic brakes. and powered with the famous V-8 engine which more than five million owners already enjoy.

Both have been scientifically soundproofed to reduce car noises of all kinds. New seat construction and soft transverse springs. plus large hydraulic shock absorbers, provide "Triple-Cushioned Comfort." It's a revelation in restful riding.

Big hydraulic brakes are precision-built to meet strict Ford standards of safety. Their easy velvety action matches the smoothness of the V-8 engine.

The Ford V-8 offers a choice of the thrifty 60 hp engine for rock-bottom economy. or the 85 hp engine for top-notch performance. The De Luxe Ford V-8 has the 85 hp engine only.

Both Ford cars for 1939 are Ford-priced for greater dollar value. Both bring new meaning to a familiar phrase, "The Quality Car in the Low-Price Field."

... With these two cars. the new Mercury, the Lincoln-Zephyr and the Lincoln, our dealers are equipped to serve you better than ever before.

Ford De Luxe Convertible Coupe 1939

Ford Coupe 1939

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