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Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger

 Featured in six films (Goldfinger, Thunderball, GoldenEye, a small appearance in Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royale and Skyfall – to this list can be added The World Is Not Enough, though shots of the DB5 being driven to MI6's Scottish HQ were cut, leaving its only appearance a confusing satellite image at the end of the film[citation needed]). In the novelisation of GoldenEye it is stated that Bond purchased the DB5 as his own personal vehicle, although the 2006 version of Casino Royale, which reboots Bond film continuity, shows Bond winning it in a game of poker in The Bahamas; as such the Casino Royale version of the vehicle is the only one that is not outfitted with special equipment (Brosnan's DB5 is shown to have special features in GoldenEye). The DB5 can also be used in the video games Agent Under Fire and From Russia with Love. The DB5 also made cameo appearances in the comedy film, The Cannonball Run, driven by Roger Moore's character, and in the TV-film The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E., George Lazenby, playing a Bond-like character referred to as "JB", drives a DB5 (with the licence plate "JB"). It also appears in numerous other films in association to Bond including a small cameo in Catch Me If You Can (2002) where the main character purchases one to be like Bond, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle(2003) in which Bernie Mac's Bosley drives one and The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004) in which Geoffrey Rush, playing Peter Sellers, is shown driving one at the time of making Casino Royale, even though in real life that film did not feature the vehicle. A model is currently on display in the International Spy Museum in the Penn Quarter neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

The Goldfinger DB5 with gadgets was sold on October 27, 2010 for $4.1m (£2.6m) to the car collector Harry Yeaggy. It features the pop out gun barrels behind the front indicators, the bullet shield behind the rear window and a 3-way revolving front number plate showing "GOLD FINGER" or "JB007" or "BMT216A".

Sir Paul McCartney Aston Martin DB5

 Money can't buy you love, but it can buy you this - a piece of swinging 60s memorabilia that's perfect for day tripping. This classic Aston Martin DB5 sports car was once owned by Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney and is set to go under the hammer next month.It was bought by Sir Paul in 1964, the year he wrote hit song Drive My Car, and cost a cool £3,800 10s 0d plus tax of £793 6s 8d. Now the fully-restored British-built Aston Martin DB5 is expected to fetch £400,000 at auction.Sir Paul ordered the iconic Aston - made famous by James Bond in the film Goldfinger - direct from Aston Martin's factory before his band's 1964 world tour.He asked for a string of extra features including special suspension and chrome wire wheels.When it was delivered, the motor, with a top speed of 150mph, even had the ultimate Bond-style gadget for a 60s pop star - a Philips record player.

Beatles-yhtyeen jäsenen Paul McCartneyn aikoinaan hankkima Aston Martin DB5 on myyty Lontoossa suhteellisen kovaan hintaan. RM Auctionsin pitämässä huutokaupassa auton hintalapuksi tuli 307 000 puntaa eli yli 380 000 euroa, kertoo CarsUK -sivusto.Kyseessä on sama Aston Martin -malli, joka on tullut kuuluisaksi useista Bond-filmeistä. Auto esiintyy myös uusimmassa Skyfall-elokuvassa. McCartneyn auton väri on tosin sininen eikä hopeanharmaa.Paul McCartney tilasi auton itselleen ennen kuin Beatles lähti maailmankiertueelle vuonna 1964 ja sen erikoisuuksiin kuuluu muun muassa nuotein koristeltu nahkasisustus.James Bondin eli näyttelijä Sean Conneryn Goldfingerissä ja Thunderballissa ajama Aston Martin DB5 myytiin pari vuotta sitten Lontoossa 2,9 miljoonalla punnalla. Siihen nähden McCartneyn autoa voidaan pitää jopa halpana.

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