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SEIKO 7A38-7020 Sport 100 80's

SEIKO 7A38-7020
  The 7a28, related 7a38 (day-date), and rarer 7a48 (moon phase) came in a wide variety of styles, from military-looking tool watches to gold plated blingers. Sigourney Weaver wore one in Aliens. It was in production from the early 80's to about 1992, finally supplanted by the cheaper and less interesting 7T32/62/92 movements that are still in use today.
SEIKO 7A38-7020 in front Dial 7A38-703L

SEIKO 7A38-7020

 First, for Bond’s cover as James St John Smythe, Roger Moore wears a two-tone 6923-8080, model SPD094. It reflects what, up to that point, had been the driving Seiko philosophy called ‘Grammar of Design,’ then nearing two decades in application.The second watch is a Seiko caliber H558-5000, model SPW001. Period print advertising touted its ‘severe impact resistance’ and an ‘underwater alarm function.’ Formally labeled by Seiko as the Duo-Display Diver’s Quartz, it combines features from each of the two 007 watch models worn in For Your Eyes Only. but most of A View to a Kill finds Moore wearing a third watch. It’s a strong finish for the Bond Seikos: The world’s first analog quartz chronograph. Referenced as a stainless steel model SPR007 [case number 7A28-7020] with white dial, it features four independent step-motors for elapsed time measurement.
SEIKO 7A28-7020 in front Dial 7A38-708L T


Tritium on heikosti radioaktiivinen väriaine, jota käytetään kellotaulujen numeroiden ja viisareiden itsevalaisuun. Kelloissa käytettävän tritiumin määrä on niin vähäinen ettei siitä ole minkäänlaista terveydellistä haittaa. Kaikki tritiumia sisältävät kellot on merkitty T-tunnuksella. Tämä tunnus näkyy useimmiten numeron kuuden läheisyydessä.

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