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Ferrari 330 GTC and similar Ford Monte Carlo GT

Ferrari 330 GTC
 The Ferrari 330 cars are the successor of the 250, first introduced by Ferrari in 1963. The first 330 America was simply a 250 GT/E with a larger engine, and the 330 GTC/GTS shared their chassis with the 275. Only the 330 GT 2+2 was a truly unique product. Production ended in 1968 with the introduction of the Ferrari 365 series.

All 330 models used an evolution of the 400 Superamerica's 4.0 L Colombo V12 engine. It was substantially changed for the 330 cars, however, with wider bore spacing and the notable use of a true alternator rather than a dynamo generator.

Ford Monte Carlo GT 1971 Prototype
The Ford  Monte Carlo GT concept was produced from 1971 to 1971
1 engine 1.2 liter with 72hp, is on Histomobile.1 unit(s) produced.

Ford Monte Carlo GT esiteltiin lokakuussa Pariisin autonäyttelyssä 1971, se perustui Ford Escortin alustaan.

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