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Beogram 1000 and Beogram 1202 - levysoitin

Beogram 1000

A beautiful machine to look at and certainly a trendsetter in its day, the actual design of Beogram 1000 was carried out by Jacob Jensen during one of his earlier commissions for Bang & Olufsen. The tonearm and MMC cartridge principle was by Erik Rørbæk Madsen. At the time, it was the recommended record player for Beomaster 1000 as the two items were visually very similar.

The record deck also gained fame in that it was the very first turntable to be designated with the suffix ‘Beogram’. Although the prefix ‘Beo’ had been used on some of its products, earlier Bang & Olufsen record decks did not formally hold this product name.

Sturdy and reliable, Beogram 1000 had low rumble and was pretty much vibration free, ideal for families and those who enjoyed the occasional soirée!

There was a choice of wood finish and Bang & Olufsen’s reknown ST/L15 pickup arm was factory fitted.  A translucent lid completed the ensemble

The Beogram 1202, although looking very similar to the earlier Beogram 1200, was an entirely new record deck and was far more sophisticated than the earlier model. It continued with the multi-peg system of record support - possibly the decks greatest weakness - and also lacked the hinged lid of the Beogram 3000 to which it was otherwise practically identical. This is the 1200 type deck to own!

The operating system was simplified from the 1200 though the same arm and motor were used. The suspension was however far better - imagine this deck as a Beogram 3000 with a silly platter and a less useful lid and you will not be far wrong. It is however the best of the 'peg platter' decks. Very collectible.

Beogram 1000    and    Beogram 1202   (1972)
Beogram 1000 oli suosittu levysoitin 70-luvun alussa, minulla oli Beogram 1000 käytössä monta vuotta. Se maksoi vuonna 1972 550mk. ja sillä rahalla sai silloin 830 litraa bensaa. eli nykyrahassa noin 1300€, ei ne levysoittimet silloin olleet halpoja.

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